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Magna Pro RC

The new Magna Pro RC is the perfect treadmill for intense training sessions thanks to its powerful engine. Enjoy the features of a professional treadmill without leaving home.

Magna Pro

The best technology in the gym adapted to home treadmills. Train at home with the structure, strength and power of a professional machine. Walking machine to train in the comfort of your own home.

i.Magna RC

The new i.Magna RC is the perfect treadmill for the most intense workouts, due to its AC motor, and with the connectivity options offered by the the i.Concept system. Link your device via Bluetooth to perform virtual trainings in our apps. It has been designed for semi-professional use and collective use facilities such as hotels, residences, small studios, etc.


The RC12 treadmill has everything you need for an intensive and demanding workout. Its rigid structure and powerful engine ensure a high performance training.


The RC09 treadmill is fully equiped with all the extras so that you can achieve your goals with a proffesional high quality training. With up to 22 km/h speed and a 155x55cm running surface in a foldable frame, you will maximize its performance in less space.


Train like an athlete with the Run + system to protect your joints and the extra-wide frame to make your workouts more comfortable.


The F8 Treadmill is the dream of any runner. This machine combines the power performance and design for the most intense sessions at home.


Treadmill that combine a compact design with one of the widest running surface on the market, providing safety and comfort.

Pioneer R9

A compact foldable treadmill with a 4 CV motor and a maximum speed of 22 Km/h. You can also choose to include the touch technology of TFT consoles.

Pioneer R7

A great choice for users who want to stay fit at home, with its 3,5CV motor and speed of 20km/h this treadmill will always keep up with you.

Pioneer R3

Foldable treadmill with electric inclination, 2,75HP and up to 18 km/h speed for those who want to walk or start jogging with a stable and secure treadmill.

Pioneer S2

Basic folding tape suitable for users who want to start in the world of running. It covers all the basic needs of any user, with up to 14 km/h speed and 12 preset programmes.


Folding treadmill for people who want to walk or jog on a stable and safe machine. Its vertical folding and storage system makes it perfect for users with space problems at home.


The most compact treadmill from BH Fitness. A unique design accompanied by technological features such as Bluetooth speakers and the G-FIT app, to connect your treadmill to your device.

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