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These machines are perfect for recovery sessions. They are also easy to access.


The i.TFR MED recumbent bike has been designed with comfort and safety in training in mind. Its ergonomic seat back and side grips ensure excellent comfort. In addition, this bike is equipped with the i.Concept 3.0 connectivity system, which features FTMS technology for an even more complete experience.

Pioneer Senior

The Pioneer Senior is a treadmill specially designed for a senior public who wants to walk safely and comfortably at home. With the safety handlebars and easy access, even those with mobility problems will be able to exercise regularly at home.

LK5500 MED

LK5500 MED is the perfect treadmill designed for rehabilitation sessions, thanks to its special attached bars, which ensures the user's safety during exercise and facilitates accessibility for people with mobility problems.


i.RC MED with side bars is the perfect treadmill for rehabilitation purposes as well as intense training sessions, thanks to its AC motor and i.Concept connectivity. Pair your electronic device via Bluetooth for virtual workouts with fitness apps. It has been designed for semi-professional use and for small collective facilities: rehabilitation centres, hotels, corporate gyms, etc...

Magna Pro RC MED

i.Magna Pro RC MED is the perfect treadmill to carry out recovery sessions thanks to its side rails. It is also easy to access thanks to the included step. Its features are designed to offer safety, ease of access and connectivity, all designed to help people improve their health and fitness.


The I.RC05 REHAB is a folding treadmill with handrails specially designed to make it easy to use for people with mobility problems. With a maximum speed of 22km/h, the 4CV motor will not fail and will remain active throughout the workout.


Elliptical trainer with a wide, natural stride and an anti-derailment system that allows you to increase your speed in a safer way. All this makes this elliptical for those users who are looking for a complete low-impact and safe workout with a quality user experience.


A recumbent bike that ensures excellent comfort and safety during workouts, now equipped with the new i.Concept 3.0 system with FTMS technology. Its ergonomic backrest and side grips ensure optimal posture while its magnetic resistance system generates a smooth pedalling action ideal for rehabilitation exercises.


Specially designed for recovery training and with a semi-professional guarantee. Connects your electronic devices thanks to i.Concept technology. One of the most accessible bikes thanks to its lowered saddle, open access and access step.


The adjustment of the seat and backrest inclination makes it possible to perform a multitude of exercises such as dumbbell presses or biceps curls.

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