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Training and entertainment

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A home fitness experience that goes far beyond

Training and entertainment, all in one, on touch screens up to 16 inches.


Developed by BH Fitness, they combine the best of the two dominant technologies in the market.

  • Bluetooth FTMS for connection to training apps like Zwift or Kinomap.
  • The best solutions for entertainment and digital content. Apps such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and more come pre-installed on the equipment.
  • Integrated speakers with the option of wired or Bluetooth playback. Use your machine to play music from your smartphone.
  • 5 user profiles that allow up to 5 people to use the machine independently.
  • Connect your wireless headphones to the machine and immerse yourself in your workout.
  • Built-in system for updating pre-installed apps and machine software updates.

Entertainment without Limits

Immerse yourself in the entertainment and digital content experience during your workout with the integration of the most popular applications. Enjoy platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and Spotify, among others, directly from your equipment.

*Disney+ and Prime Video only available on RS1000 Multimedia, RS1200 Multimedia, FDC19 Multimedia, FDC20 Multimedia, SuperKhronos Multimedia, TFR Ergo Multimedia and TFB Multimedia.

Endless possibilities

16 or 10-inch touch screens that are truly responsive and smooth, hosting pre-set programs, customizable programs, entertainment, training through external apps, and broad compatibility with external devices.