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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i choose the machine that best suits me?
When choosing a fitness machine there are some key factors to consider in order to find the machine that you need.
  1. All machines give information regarding the maximum recommended user weight. Always choose a model that at least supports your weight.
  2. You must have a clear idea of how long your machine will be used for. Add up the amount of time that you train during one week and how many people will use the product. According to the result, you will need to opt for one model or the other. Our machines are divided into the following usage categories.
    1. Occasional domestic use: up to 3 hours per week.
    2. Regular domestic use: 3 to 7 hours per week.
    3. Intensive domestic use: 7 to 20 hours per week.
    4. Semi-professional intensive use: For more than 20 hours per week.
Once you have carried out this technical research, start searching according to your training taste.
  • If you want simple training, choose products that can be adjusted manually.
  • If you want guided training, choose products that have programmes.
  • If you need a lot of motivation, choose i-concept products that allow you to train using applications. These help you to be more consistent with your training.
The most expensive model is not always the one that suits you best. And cheap can become expensive if you over-use it.
Fill in our online form to know your closest store. Remember that you can always buy online at and we will send the product to the address that you specify.
In the product details on our website you will find all information regarding the dimensions and weight of the product.
All of our products require simple maintenance. The only thing that you must do is dry the sweat on the machine when you have finished exercising. This way you ensure that no corrosion will arise from the salt residue of the sweat.As well as this, the following is advisable for some of our lines:
  • Treadmills: You should lubricate the running surface periodically. The lubricant can be bought on our website
  • Cross-trainers: You should tighten the screws that connect the rods periodically. You will know when it’s time to do this as you will hear a noise when you are exercising. Due to supporting your weight the screws may become loose over time. If you tighten them, this will be resolved.
I need the manual for my machine
The last versions of the manuals of the machines of the current collection are available in our online store. To obtain a copy of your manual introduce the product code (for example, G225) in the search function on the website and you will be directed to the information page for the article. Here you will find an option regarding specifications and download where you can download the manuals.Si no encuentras tu máquina en la web rellena el formulario que puedes encontrar al final de esta página, facilítanos el modelo de tu máquina y su número de serie y te enviaremos los manuales correspondientes. El código y el número de serie se encuentran en una pegatina pegada a la estructura, habitualmente en la parte inferior de tu máquina.
Fill in the form on the website by choosing the technical support option and they will contact you in order to resolve your incident.
You should consult your machine’s manual or contact our technical support team via the form on the website.
We have technicians all over the world; our support department will put you in touch with the closest one to you.
All of our machines have their model number recorded on them. Look for a sticker or badge on the lower part of the machine or underneath it and you should find it. Here you will see a message that says “model” and the specific model of your machine.
In your instruction manual you will find the codes of all of the parts of your machine. Contact our colleagues at the website and tell them the type of machine and the part number; they will be able to help you
All of our machines have an assembly manual. It is advisable to have an official technician fit internal parts.
All parts for products in the domestic sector have two years warranty.
All new BH and tecnovita fitness machines have two years warranty on both parts and labour. This warranty covers technical problems, except in cases where the machine has been used incorrectly or has been used more than recommended for the specific machine.
Fill in the form on our website indicating that you wish to contact the technical support team. Provide the information requested on the form and a technician will contact you in order to resolve your incident.
I am interested in distributing BH products
Please send an email to the following address  indicating the type of business and the product range you are interested in.
Please send us your request to the following email address
Please send us an email message containing the data of your customer, date of purchase, machine reference and a brief description of the issue to

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